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Tips For Finding Uncommon Words To Find Unique Words In Scrabble

Looking for a unique word for Scrabble? Check out here the list of scrabble words that are not found in most dictionaries. Whether you're looking to add an interesting new word to your game or just want to take a break from the standard definitions, these words will have you scratching your head (or tiles) for hours on end.


scrabble word finder


Here are some tips for finding uncommon words:

1. Look for Words with Multiple Meanings

Some words have multiple meanings, so be sure to include them in your word search. For example, the word "majesty" can mean "great power" or "the quality of being imposing or majestic."

2. Use Synonyms

Synonyms are words that have the same spelling but different meanings. For example, the word "precocious" can mean "exuberant in early development" or "adventurous before the usual time."

3. Look for Words with Unusual Spellings

Some words have unusual spellings that make them harder to find. For example, the word "defenseless" can also be spelled "defenselessness," and the word "irritable" can also be spelled "irritability."

4. Use Word Combinations

Word combinations are a great way to find unique words. For example, the word "labyrinth" can be used to describe something confusing, but word combination makes it easier ever!

If you want to win at Scrabble, you need to learn how to find unique words.