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Tips To Keep Floors Clean At Home By Cleaning Company In Melbourne

While we love walking in a winter wonderland, we prefer snow, mud, and salt to the outdoors. Maintaining a clean floor during the winter months takes a few more steps than in the summer when the external elements are less harsh. 

If you can't do it yourself then you can simply hire professional cleaning services in Australia like Bull18 Cleaners. Here's an X tip to help you keep your floors clean at home. 

General strategy

Whether you are at home or at work, using an outer pad to wipe your feet and an inner pad will help reduce chases to dirt and snow. Washable non-slip mats or durable upholstery for all weather conditions like Cilwich prevent further installation indoors.

In addition to the inner and outer bedding, consider having a shoe rack for instant removal of wet and dirty boots and shoes. If you don't have a muddy room, create a temporary space with a large bed for disposing of wet clothes and a trash can or rack for drying.

For uncovered areas, keep a broom for salt or grime near the door for quick cleaning, followed by a quick brush from a mop or street sweeper.

On carpets, protect the floor with a rubber mat or carpet that can be thrown in the washing machine. If dirt is found, treat the carpet immediately and rent or buy a steam cleaner for on-site treatment.