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Top 4 Best 18650 Batteries for Vaping

18650 batteries are by far the most common batteries in vaping. They are reliable and extensively tested, and the most of the box mods are compatible with 18650 batteries. The name comes from traits about the battery. The 18 comes from 18 millimeters diameter while the 650 means the length is 650 millimeters.

18650 batteries for your rights is largely dependent on what you need to. The 18650 battery is not enough to allow you to have both a high current rating and high capacity. You can also purchase 18650 lithium ion battery online.

Best 18650 Battery for vaping


Sony remains at the top of the list because they have introduced much excellent battery life for high-drain vaping. Sony VTC5A is one 18650s reliable and balanced in the market and providing the best value for the sub-ohm vaping from Sony.


LG HG2 IMR 18650 battery is one of the best batteries you can buy up to 20A. Offering a large capacity 3000mAh and 20A continuous discharge limits while remaining cool and safe operating temperatures.

Samsung 30Q

Samsung 30Q will be a great choice for a fairly tight budget. It comes with a standard 3000mAh battery and discharge up to 15A safely and efficiently without overheating. It performs well but the battery is almost unbelievable.

Samsung 25R

Samsung is a trusted brand name in consumer electronics, which makes the top in the industry vaping. 25R offers 2500mAh battery capacity and has the ability to output up to 20A while maintaining cool and safe operating temperatures.