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Types of Air Freight Services

Furniture removal is an essential service when moving to a new place that may require air freight transport. The services required to send certain goods via air transport has varying forms and types. The packages of air freight may also vary in size and in weight.

Whatever type of cargo package or shipment needs you to have, you will certainly find your most suitable type of air freight transport from among the many categories of services available in the industry. You can visit sentrylog to know about the best freight transportation services in NC.

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Household goods, home accessories and furniture removal fall under the most common category of air freight transport. This category is also the most complicated of all. This is because most of the items do not require special handling facilities.

Other categories in the air freight transport services support classes. These categories include fast or express delivery of small items. Products are usually shipped overnight or the next day. Small packages and letters mostly sent using this category. Because of the small size of the item, they can be easily processed and may come in a standard package of air Transport Company.

Land or parcel deliveries are also other types of air freight services. The items sent through this category are larger and heavier than the aforementioned kind of transport. It also includes a goal of 500 miles to 700 miles and the cargo can be delivered after a number of days. Ground shipping will include packages weighing less than 70 pounds.