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Understanding The Basics Of Landscape Design

The key to creating a beautiful, elegant landscape is achieving a harmonious balance between the classic simplicity of nature and the modern architectural elegance of your house. This perfect unity between home and garden provides enjoyable living both inside and outside of your residence.

The most important step in planning a functional and attractive garden design, no matter how complex or simple, is to carefully weigh the style of the home as well as the size of the entire property. You can also visit to get the best landscape designs.

With this information, you can decide on an overarching landscaping topic and begin incorporating other basic elements and principles of garden design into your planning.

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Understanding the basics of landscaping requires more than selecting a number of plants and placing them in your garden. First, there are five key elements that, when applied correctly to your design, will create a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor living room.

• Lines – Geometric lines and patterns can facilitate directional movement through a landscape and highlight important aspects of your space.

• Scale – Multiple colors representing additional models can hold an entire page together. It is important to choose plants and trees that match the rest of the landscape.

• Textures – Different textures of leaves, stems, and petals add detail to your garden design.

• Shape – The shape and physical characteristics of the flora in the design create natural patterns that add charm and style to your outdoor space.