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What Are Luxury Apartments In Flatbush?

Luxury apartments are almost always outfitted with some of the most high-end features. While regular apartment rentals commonly have laminate countertops, carpet, and standard white appliances, a luxury apartment in Flatbush will likely have stone counters, hardwood or tile floors, and maybe even stainless steel or other non-white finished appliances.

The exterior of the building will also have some upgraded features, like steel and glass, professional landscaping and a take-your-breath-away entrance.

On-site amenities

Luxury apartments will offer a lot of amenities that aren’t necessarily found in more affordable apartment complexes. Some of these could include a fitness center, pools, sports facilities, movie theaters, rooftop decks, dog parks, the list could go.

While standard apartments may offer some of these, luxury apartment communities will likely offer amplified, high-end versions. Amenities might not always be in the form of on-site fun and games.

Sometimes the luxury of an apartment is found in its geographical location. While that may not be important for some, others may find it a huge plus to be close to transit or in the city. To be truly considered a luxury apartment, even the location should be premium.


The infrastructure of luxury apartments even screams “luxury”. It’s common for luxury apartments to have high-end structural features like large windows, high ceilings, and significant square footage. The bedrooms will most likely be a large size, with a stunning master bathroom and a kitchen any chef would love to cook in.