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What Are The Different Types Of VoIP Phone Systems Used?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is becoming more and more popular these days. People use VoIP to make international calls because the cost is much lower than the cost of a regular landline or cell phone, or sometimes it's completely free.

Virtual phone systems in Vaughan convert analog signals such as fax, SMS, and voicemail into digital signals that can be sent over the Internet rather than the public telephone network.

Types of VoIP Phone Systems: There are three different types of VoIP phone systems used. These are:

Analog telephone adapter:

It is also known as a VoIP adapter. This is a simple device that allows you to connect a regular cell phone to a computer or the internet to make VoIP calls. You can also use a service provider for most calls and regular telephone then you can switch into VoIP when making international calls. The adapter converts the analog signal to digital.

IP Phone:

This phone looks and functions like a regular phone. IP phones are available both wired and wireless that can be connected directly to your Internet router. Additional features of the VoIP phone system are call waiting, forwarding to other extensions, and multiple phone lines, making them ideal for businesses.

Computer to Computer:

This is the simplest form of VoIP communication. All you need is the software on your computer, an internet connection, and headphones. No need for adapters or phones! Many companies offer computer-to-computer software, and many offer additional services such as call waiting, transfers to other extensions, and using multiple phone lines.