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What is Gelato All About?

Gelato is basically an Italian version of the ice cream. For those who are weight-conscious Gelato's advantage over ice cream lies due to the amount of buttermilk as well as the sugar amount. It contains about 25% buttermilk content, and less than half sugar, in comparison to Ice cream. Non-fat milk is commonly utilized.

Gelato can make you forget about the ice cream. It is extremely dense and has a very strong taste. It's extremely smooth and doesn't need to worry regarding the crystals of ice which usually occur in ice cream after a couple of days. If you want to buy the best gelato ice cream machine, then you can search the web.

Commercial Gelato Machines

It is produced in small batches and then frozen quickly. The majority of ice creams are frozen on an assembly line. Milk and gelato bind to the water molecules. This is what reduces the size of the ice crystals. Gelato generally is a stabilizer base. Its sugar and water content are in equilibrium to avoid the solid freeze of gelato.

There are a variety of flavors available. Gelato is not like American ice cream. It does not contain any mix-ins. You don't need syrup to top it. The sprinkles and whipped cream can be left out. These things are not common when the product is sold in a tiny stand at a corner of an Italian market.

Keep it simple. Your guests will only need one scoop of gelato.