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Why Do You Need Product Liability Insurance?

Common sense says that if you are selling any tangible product, you want to have an insurance product liability instead. We live in a litigious society where there is a low bar to take someone to court.

If a client alleges they were injured or had their property damaged because of your product, you could be on the hook for legal fees and damages. You can find more information about private label products insurance at

private label products insurance

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But it is not only the retailer that has to worry. In a product liability case, everyone with the supply series could probably be held responsible. As a general rule, if you are using contract businesses abroad or sale of the product under its own brand/label, it is considered a business for liability plans.

So the real manufacturers and distributors, and retail markets are all links in the chain that could be held liable if someone gets hurt.

Most people believe in high-profile incidents when they think of the responsibility for the product. Fair, certainly have been some great.

There's a documentary ( "Hot Coffee") case study of loss as the infamous blanch a woman received a cup of coffee McDonald in the 1990s.

Serve as extreme examples of how companies can be held responsible for how their products interact with the world around them.