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The work environment is very stressful and with current economic conditions, there is always fear to get a yellow slip. The demanding work environment often produces high levels of anxiety, constant negative thoughts, and insecure feelings.

At work, employees may require disciplinary counseling; personal counseling; and stress management counseling. You can also get the services of career counseling via

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At present, there are many companies that provide secret workplace counseling for their employees. Some companies directly use "in-house" work counselors that can try to solve a troublesome workplace problem.

This counselor is easily accessible and is able to conduct an assessment that qualifies and relieves all types of distress. The counselor through a one-time interview managed to handle poor performance or unacceptable behavior without a company that really needed disciplinary action.

Also, employees can seek advice to deal with personal problems that affect mental or physical health such as stress, depression, intimidation, and harassment at work.

Counseling provided at work is often appreciated by employees. Work counseling sessions play an important role in reducing leaves; building a reputation of the company as a caring employee, and the employee feels important.

Also, the pressure was taken from the senior executive shoulder because there was professional assistance available to handle staff situations that were difficult because cases of troublesome employees were handled constructively.

Effective work counseling is very helpful in increasing the level of employee performance, instilling a feeling of having an organization so as to reduce the level of friction; increase the level of trust, and also give security.